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Currently working as a Senior Frontend Developer at Apple in San Francisco, California. Previous to that, I was a Tech Team Lead at R/GA where I worked with Google, Nike, Samsung and TIM. I’m passionate about web development from design to development. Thanks for stopping by, please get in touch.

I joined the Retail team at Apple for the development of the Today at Apple platform. We have launched many phases of the project so far, the last one was featuring Augmented Reality experiences in the stores. My responsabilities at the project goes from implementing frontend production code, new features, code reviews and deployments.

Technologies: React, Node.js, Typescript, SSR, Webpack, SASS.

At R/GA I learned how collaboration is important for creative projects. Working as a technologist in creative teams composed by UX/Visual designers, copywriters and producers, I would brainstorm and prototype ideas, for example, calculating happiness based on your smile with face recognition technics for Pepsico, to social media dashboards and virtual foosball table prototypes.

  • The TIM Beta platform is a world award winner project developed for one of the biggest mobile carrier companies in Brazil. I had the pleasure to work with amazing UX and Visual designers, being a technologist on the creative team. My responsibilities were to develop prototypes, define features, create ranking algorithms, etc. We won many awards with this project, including a Webby Award.

  • Another great project I participated from the conception to final production product was the Nike Vem Junto website. This platform allowed people to create thematic races and invite people to join. My responsibilities were from the conception of the project (at Nike Portland HQ) to the implementation. As a Tech Team Lead I worked as a Creative Technologist with UX/Visual Designers and copywriters to idealize and deliver the experience.

  • Samsung was another brand that I had the opportunity to do prototype and production work. One of the projects that I really enjoyed to work was a web experience of a foosball table game controlled with your phone. The Galaxy 11 is another example of projects I worked for Samsung.

Technologies: Javascript, Angular, Backbone, SASS, Ruby, Rails, Java.

I have the pleasure to be one of those people who love what they do for work. I have always a personal idea/project that I'm working on.

    I wrote a book about how to develop games using Android. The book teaches you how to create a game where you control a spaceship and need to shoot meteors that are coming to Earth. Bubblin is a game that I developed in my spare time with friends. This game was featured at Apple Store and some game magazines.
  • I like to create small projects to test technologies, user interactions, simple design, stories, etc. Art Gallery is a simple mobile/responsive implementation of a photo gallery with animations and transitions in pure javascript.

  • All this time working with so many creative people around made me want to explore other creative areas, like creative writing. I wrote a short novel called Olhar com Malicia. It's a romance writen in Portuguese in 11 chapters.

  • Thanks for reading! You can find more about my carreer on Linkedin


From prototypes to production code, I love to be part of collaborative teams.

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I'm always coding some ideas on Codepen to explore animations, interactions, etc.


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